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"Crossing the Line" by Tanya Aguiñiga


When Los Angeles-based furniture and textile designer/maker Tanya Aguiñiga was approached by the Craft and Folk Art Museum to create an exhibition of her work, the artist had an off-the-wall idea—literally. “I wanted to create this crazy environment that involved all different types of yarn, weaving in midair through suspension, and small bits of color floating around so that when you enter the gallery the art is off the wall, and completely unlike typical museum spaces where everything is stationary,” says Aguiñiga. On view now through May 8th, Crossing the Line: A Space by Tanya Aguiñiga is a contemporary hand-made, site-specific installation inspired by her recent trip to the indigenous region of Chiapas, Mexico where she learned the ancient method of back-strap weaving. The result is a beautiful cave-like cobweb of brightly-colored crisscrossing strings that envelopes the viewer in a space woven together by traditions old and new.

Click through the slideshow for a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the exhibition's installation.

Unlike modern-day looms that use large wooden structures, Aguiñiga fell in love with the Mayan tradition of back-strap...
Aguiñiga’s installation was truly a handmade process, “When you are having to stand on a ladder and weave way above...
For ten hours a day, eight days straight, twenty-eight people in total participated in the making of the exhibition.
The Chiapas region, which is home to the largest population of indigenous people in North America, also inspired...
Throughout the space, little woven sections of color float randomly about connecting and creating the larger...
Rather than just being viewers of the piece, Aguiñiga sought to create an environment that viewers would be...
In the center of the installation, handmade chair sculptures mirror the colorful geometric world of string.
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