Collection by Allie Weiss

Creative Paneled Wall Coverings You Should Try Now


To add visual interest to a wall, consider one of these customizable treatments that can be modified over time.

Made from 100% post-consumer paper collected from local businesses, Vancouver-based firm Dear Human's Wallpapering...
The Felt Droplet system by Garman Furniture consists of strips of natural wool felt that are capable of supporting a...
Connected panels of molded polyester fiber, covered with fabric, make up the sound-absorbing Bits wall by Abstracta.
The ModuLayer magnetic wallcoverings from Visual Magnetics Dynamic Spaces allow endless personalization, as the designs...
The Standard Wrapped Wall Panels from FilzFelt come with Z-Clip fasteners for easy hanging.
The Patch panels by Norwegian studio StokkeAustad are the ultimate flexible wall covering, as they can be rearranged...

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