Collection by Allie Weiss

20+ Creative Clothes Storage Solutions


Smart options for small space dwellers and clothes horses alike.

The bedroom contains an ingenious closet system similar to library stacks.
A custom shoe closet displays the couple's large footwear collection.
The shoe closet.
The apartment's built-in closets are deep and have mirrors on one side.
In such a small space “you have to organize, and every piece takes a decision,” says resident Heidi Wright.
The birch-plywood cabinets, floor storage space, and banquette were all designed and built by the couple.
For additional storage, the floor of the partition (shown here beneath the pink stool) easily opens to reveal...
Storage under the bed and floor hides clutter in the master bedroom.
Hynam built additional storage along one angled wall of the bedroom loft and beneath the skylight.
The full-height cabinets offer plenty of nooks and crannies where household goods can be hidden away.
The second floor features this clever storage design—a “hidden space,” as co-design studio refers to it.
The wooden box is as functional as it is finely crafted, with room for clothes up top.
Robert's sketches and artwork in drawers built into the sofa.
Davor (with his wife, Abbe, and son, August) designed the main living and dining pavilion as a double-height space to...
The open-plan area is lined with custom plywood cabinets.
Though the home is expansive, the team made certain to waste as little space as possible.
A pair of windows shed a bit of light in the bedroom, which boasts a lofted bed and workspace with a sink and closet...
To make the bedroom seem ethereal—and far larger than its 12-by-12 dimensions suggest—Pratt designed a curtain that...
In the closet stick-like wall hooks continue the rural motif.

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