Collection by Brandi Andres

Creative Bedrooms for Loft Living


To build extraordinary lofted bedrooms, these homeowners and their designers creatively went where none have gone before.

A large OSB structure with skylights, a bathroom, enclosed baby’s room, and master sleeping alcove dominates Ryan and...
The doorway to Tatum’s room inside the hive is buffered with custom-cut Flor carpet tiles.
The bed was designed to hang from the ceiling and can be hoisted up and pulled down as needed.
“What often happens in our relationship is I come to Funn with an idea and he makes it into something livable.”...
With the flick of a switch, the glass goes from opaque to clear.
Furniture designer Pat Carson created a plethora of custom fixtures for the guest room, including a riveted aluminum...
The couple designed and built every piece of furniture in the apartment except for the Mezzo sofa from BoConcept.
By lowering the custom Murphy bed and rolling a sliding plywood door, Novak-Zemplinski creates an insta-guestroom.
In the tiny sleeping loft is a platform bed with two drawers beneath it. In place of wallpaper, Schönning enlarged a...

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