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Craftsman Collection


Inspired by the timeless appeal of fine craftsman architecture and furniture, these doors capture the essence of quality and beauty. Available in virtually any wood species, there are 36 standard exterior door designs to choose from. And all can be altered in virtually unlimited ways to create a door that is uniquely you. Once you have found the Craftsman design that is right for you, consider adding a Simpson Craftsman sidelight, transom or dentil shelf.

California Poppy® II 6962 with UltraBlock® technology and optional angled, 6181 sidelights and custom transom, shown in...
Door 37680 with custom glass size and 37681 sidelights with custom glass size.
Door 6811 with custom lite pattern, shown in hemlock.
Four Square® II 6961 with optional angled mutt and 6176 sidelight.
Door 6803 with custom glass, shown in fir.
Talcott™ II 36932 with UltraBlock® technology and 6177 sidelights, shown in fir.
Solano® III 6881 with UltraBlock® technology, 6171 sidelight and 9541 dentil shelf, shown in fir.
Solano® 6851 with WaterBarrier® technology and 6171 sidelights.
Door 6841 with 6171 sidelights shown in fir.
Avondale® III...
Door 36803 with a 9541 dentil shelf, custom sidelights, and a 37755 transom, shown in fir.
Door 6861 with UltraBlock® technology and 6175 sidelights, shown in fir.