Collection by Zachary Edelson

Cozy Wood-Lined Rooms


Call it cliché or cabin porn, but there's something especially warm and organic about rooms such as these. Whether it's the colors, the soft fabrics, or the fireplace, they project something we just have to call "cozy."

Downstairs, bedrooms and a library offer private spaces.
Built-in benches function both as seating and as spare beds in the living room.
Mami and Ishii Hideaki (a friend and .......Research employee) prepare lunch in the cozy main building.
The interiors are clad in white-glazed pine, a contrast to the black-stained facade. The brick fireplace is original.
Inside the main living area, tongue-and-grooved white pine covers the walls and vaulted ceilings, and a red closet...
A new home at Sea Ranch, a half-century-old enclave of rugged modernist houses on the Northern California coast,...

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