Collection by David A. Greene

Courtyard of Appeal


Like so many L.A. stories, the tale of the Courtyard House begins with a lucky break. One day in 2001, Thomas Robertson got a call from a friend he hadn’t seen in ages. The friend told him that his elderly aunt needed companionship in her twilight years, and that she owned an empty lot in a posh West Los Angeles neighborhood. Would Tom like to design a home they could live in together? “I thought he was joking,” Robertson recalls. And just like that, he had his first house commission.

The thick stucco walls and tiled roof repels heat, and the cleverly positioned casement windows (even in closets) suck...
The two sides of the house look across the courtyard at each other, and are bridged by the dining room, which looks out...
A curtain made of cut sheet steel by Chicago sculptor Mary Brogger hangs in the living room.
The knotty-pine breakfast nook, which is similar to what was a signature feature of 1920s and ’30s Spanish-style...
Robertson designed the orange powder-coated-steel shelves and storage units that line the knotty-pine walls.
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