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Corporativo IXE/Banco Deuno


This project is very important for 2 main reasons: first, the excellent communication with the client and second, the opportunity to develop a project inside of a catalogued building designed by architect Augusto H. Alvarez in 1972. The project rescued all the original elements possible and maintained the facades of the building that have important architectonic value and quality. When it was built, this building was an example of office space flexibility. This was the line that drew the main concept used by usoarquitectura keeping the perfect relation between all the elements.

The operative areas are located in the perimeters of the rectangular floor plan of each level. At the center 2 vertical circulations and the services are located, so there was no need to sacrifice natural lighting. Flexibility and comfort in the floor circulations was achieved by the use of ample corridors. To improve the height between floors part of the slabs and structure were left apparent, using plafond only in some areas. A lighting design and a main access plaza from the street were done to emphasize the temperance and solemnity of the architectonic style, and using light to give a special night exposure.