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Corporativo en Reforma Diana


Open spaces are the main feature of this project located in Diana Reforma building to encourage communication and team work. In their previous location the areas were divided in too many spaces resulting in the lost of collaboration and synergies.

This architectural project was an interesting challenge because it was developed in two levels with narrow plants combined with large structural elements.

On the first level the operational area was configured and on the second floor meeting rooms and services (kitchen, dining room and terrace) were organized.

Other important requirement of the client was rooms for medium-sized meetings that can be converted into a single and a larger space and again into a bigger one when connected with the next room.

In the color palette we decided to use orange as a trigger. This color transmits energy and represents innovation, technology and is also the complementary corporate color. By using it we achieved a greater amount of accents and chromatic varieties with the neutral colors.

The workstations were configured in a "back to back" scheme because the staff —with an average age of 35 years— required generous storage areas and concentration without distractions.

One of the greatest successes of the project is the dining room. Here the big column was used in the projects advantage generating a lobby that divides it into two zones and has a spacious terrace with a magnificent view of the south part of the city. The laundry area and storage were located behind a door to keep the maximum order.

The result is the perfect combination intended to create a more pleasant workspace, which is where we spend the majority the daily hours.