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Corporativo Capital Reforma


Consolidate two companies —that finally became one—in the same space and set the standards of how the company´s offices must be around the world is not an easy task. This is why attending the customer´s request and shaping their identity was an opportunity not to be wasted. How we did it? Incorporating in floors, walls and ceilings some details or references that we may find when we board a plane.

It is the responsibility of the architect to identify when it is a project that must be restrained and designed without an exaggerated show, but this is no excuse for neglecting it. The color palette includes 12 shades of light gray, accompanied by three shades of dark gray, blue and black for contrast.

The furniture was chosen in white to standout in the color palette. The different models of carpet show in their design patterns similar to the footprint left by the aircraft tires when landing and to reinforce this reference led lights were placed on the floor replicating the ones that delimit the airstrips.

In the elevators lobby a black dust cover carpet was intentionally placed diagonally to simulate the wing of an airplane, the diagonal lines are also found in the ceilings and furniture in the waiting room.

When we started the project we showed pictures of how the offices were in other locations. Today we feel proud that our project is the benchmark for the new offices of the airline in London, Japan and other cities of the world.

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