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Coolest Homes for Artists & Art Collectors


We at Dwell are always on the lookout for unique homes that express the personality of their occupants—and it's no wonder some of the most unique and memorable residences we've featured in recent years belong to artists and art collectors, who embrace the quirky and the unconventional. Here's a peek at some of our favorite homes designed around the display and making-of art, from a famous conceptual artist's industrial-inspired rowhouse in New York City to a street art collector's shipping crate-filled loft in San Francisco.

Conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner and his wife Alice commissioned LOT-EK to renovate their three-story rowhouse in the...
A view from the back reveals the studio space on the ground floor and the living areas above.
The studio space includes room for the full-time archivist to work.
The floor is painted with a reflective silver paint to carry light through the long, narrow space.
The house has many unexpected splashes of color, and exposed industrial materials are used throughout.
Another one of our favorite projects is this Noosa, Australia home of the New Zealand-born painter Stefan Dunlop and...
To explain their aesthetic taste and vision to the architects, Dunlop and his wife created a scrapbook of inspiration...
This is their open-plan living, dining, and kitchen area, full of vintage furniture from flea markets.
Stefan's studio has good daylight, plywood walls, and an extra-big entrance for his large-scale work.
Next up, the Parisian apartment of Didier and Cleménce Krzentowski.
Didier confesses to sometimes keeping one piece from each edition for himself—as you can tell from his home office,...
Cleménce and daughter Clara hang out on a Pierre Paulin sofa, under an installation by artist Alan McCollum.
Check out his postcard view of the Eiffel Tower. Pretty sweet.
The architecture firm Wonder Inc.
Every wall has solid plywood behind it, so Monkman can hang his work anywhere.
The wide plywood stairs have a built-in bookcase.
Upstairs is a serene bedroom with skylights, exposed rafters, and an a bathtub open to the rest of the room.
Lastly, check out the Wardell-Sagan apartment from our December/January Prefab issue in 2011.
Their solution was to stack two shipping containers on top of each other, to create private space within the open-plan...
The top container contains Wardell's office—and a "napping nook" above that.