Collection by Marianne Colahan

Cool Designs from Canadian Design Brand Castor


Canadian design brand Castor was founded in 2006. Seeking to find the middle ground between art and design, Castor’s products are innovative and distinctive, while remaining highly functional. Explore some of our favorite picks from the brand, including sculptural pendant lights, clever task lamps, and eye-catching furniture.

The Recycled Tube Light is an unexpected light that blends recycled materials and innovative design details to create a...
The Axis Floor Lamp from Castor is at once a work of sculpture and a functional light source.
The Biker Stool from Castor is a refined and sculptural seat that is available at both chair and bar heights.
The Coil Table Lamp is a lightweight task lamp comprised of powder-coated aluminum, copper-plated steel, and acrylic.
The Deadstock Catherine Table Lamp from Castor is a stunning example of the possibilities of mixing materials.
The TRI-Pod Table from Castor represents an expert combination of materials.
The Conic Section LED Pendant Light from Castor is light that is inspired by mathematics.
The Black Wall Mirrors are a sculptural wall hanging.