Collection by Jaime Gillin

Cool Chicken House


Who doesn't love a chicken run? This cool coop is by David Rosen, an Associate Producer at CBS News in New York. His goal, in addition to sheltering four egg-laying hens, was to design a structure that complemented his house, a modern barn in Rockland County.

The main house uses new and salvaged lumberyard materials, including an inexpensive sliding window from Lowe’s.
The structure of the coop was inspired by the new bus shelters and newsstands in New York City.
Here's some background, in Rosen's own words: "Our adventure with chickens began a year ago when an abandoned rooster...
"Unfortunately he met his demise when he tried to assert his dominance over the neighbor's dogs.
There’s ample head room in the coop for people to visit and take care of the hen’s needs.
Attached to the east and west sides of the house are two runs, each extending 50’ in either direction.
They are constructed with half-inch grid wire cloth (48” wide) stitched with wire onto a series of hand-curved ten-foot...
The wire cloth which rests along the ground is hidden under a layer of dirt and grass.
The runs give the hens plenty of room to zoom and peck.
Another view of the finished coop.