Collection by Jaime Gillin

Cool and Surprising Japanese Houses


Thanks to a fleet of wildly creative architects producing out-of-the-box houses for brave, non-conformist clients, Japan's architecture scene is one of the most exciting in the world. Here are five of the coolest and most surprising Japanese houses we've spotted recently.

The black facade of the Yatabes’ house may turn a darkly futuristic face to its suburban block, but behind it the house...
The distance between site and structure is more dramatic in the evening when light shines through the sunken glass...
The central staircase, that continues up to the ceiling, suggest the image of a tree trunk.
None of the ten units is purely communal, but detached Unit C, Yasuo Moriyama’s “living room,” functions the most...
Yurika Ninomiya says good morning to busy central Nagoya from her third-floor bedroom while husband Takuya opens up the...
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