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Yumi (left) and Maya (right) cheese around on the steps leading into the front door.
A minimalist approach to design can make spaces feel thoughtful, bright, and more spacious than they really...
When Belgian fashion retailer Nathalie Vandemoortele was seeking a new nest for her brood, she stumbled upon a...
A spacious deck was created as part of the addition.
Concrete stairs lead up to the sleeping loft. Photo by Per Magnus Persson.
Looking back on the home from the concrete patio, its verticality becomes apparent.
Concrete Collaborative demonstrated their polished concrete tiles, decked out in vibrant aquamarine colors.
Turning aggression into art, Israeli designer Itay Ohaly's Fracture Bench explores the effects of smashing materials.
Stepstone's narrow concrete pavers add a graphic touch to the garden.
The Perth residence of Renee Coleman via the Design Files.
After purchasing a thin, L-shaped lot in Tokyo, Tamotsu Nakada asked architect and friend Koji Tsutsui to create an...