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Another sculptural design is the KME188earring set.
A minimalist approach to design can make spaces feel thoughtful, bright, and more spacious than they really...
The unadorned street-facing facade of the house belies the light, open, tranquil space inside.
The home's different levels create a playful experience for the inhabitants.
Stepstone's narrow concrete pavers add a graphic touch to the garden.
A sturdy concrete countertop curves around the entire length of the kitchen, finished in a texture Webster describes as...
After purchasing a thin, L-shaped lot in Tokyo, Tamotsu Nakada asked architect and friend Koji Tsutsui to create an...
When Belgian fashion retailer Nathalie Vandemoortele was seeking a new nest for her brood, she stumbled upon a...
The concrete footings have cured and now preparations will begin for the concrete slab pour.
A spacious deck was created as part of the addition.
"It was nothing but a muddy pit," landscape architect Terence Lee says about the 500-square-foot yard behind his...
The bathrooms feature the same polished concrete flooring and poured concrete counters found elsewhere in the home.
Concrete is used for the walls and ceiling and stone for the floors to maintain an urban, industrial feeling.