Collection by Luke Hopping

Colorful Entry Doors


These homes welcome visitors with a jolly splash of color.

The roofline, set on top of glass clerestories on a transparent central volume, begat the building’s local nickname:…
The blue entry door packs a punch in the neutral living area, which is sparsely furnished with inexpensive pieces —…
Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, with project manager and lead designer Emily Kudsen Leland at the helm, remade a…
Umbrella House Designed by Paul Rudolph, 1953
Gray-purple iron railings, a fuchsia and green wooden entry, and garage doors provide contrast to the white walls of…
The wallpaper from Finland breaks up the clean white surface.
A recycled barndoor track and wheels affords privacy behind a siding covered panel.
Anne Suttles waters the bamboo muhly, palo verde, strawberry tree, and magic carpet thyme thriving in their Austin yard.
A close-up of the renovated exterior shows the home's new, brightly-colored door in relief of the new kitchen window,…
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