Collection by Diana Budds

Color Stories for Modern Interiors


We recently posted a story on ways to color accent your home. Here, we delve deeper into six of the most-popular color stories for modern interiors: white, blue, green, orange, yellow, and red. Click through the slideshow for a spectrum of design inspiration.

Barbara Hill designed this modern home in Atlanta, Georgia.
Because the original kitchen had been removed, Alexandra made the decision to widen the gallery-style room by ten...
Meili and Anais lounge on a Transform sofa by Moroso.
At one end of the space, which is topped by a barrel ceiling, a hammock offers a tantalizingly cozy place to nap.
Shopping Mall Fruit Basket, a painting by Peter B. Hastings, shares space with a special-edition Royal Copenhagen tea...
The stairwell is the bright core of the house. To keep an open feeling, and costs down, it zigzags its way up....