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Colegio de la Imagen Publica


The project for Colegio de la Imagen Pública (Public Image College) was developed in an area of 1000 sq m with a frontage of 23 m, wherein the extent and allowable height resulted in vertical solution of 8 levels, 2.5 basements and a roof garden, along with gardens and water mirrors. The structure, the facade, and all the spaces are integrated into one by an apparent structure. Parking levels were solved with a concrete structure that has natural lighting and ventilation. The vertical volume, from level 5 to the top, contains the metal structure of the school. From this level it was proposed to resolve the interconnections through two major staircases that create a healthy building that promotes movement. The latest materials were used for a university like and postgraduate school, with the newest furnishing systems according to the teaching techniques of a unique in the world school. Special attention was noted for people with disabilities so they would have no problem to access and use the different spaces properly, with the respective evacuation standards for all users. The building is correctly designed in sustainability standards such as rainwater use, variable volume valves, LED lighting and the preparation for a photovoltaic roof.