Collection by Diana Budds

Coffee Break: Verve, Santa Cruz


For a coffee roastery and storefront in a century-old structure, Fuse Architecture stuck to the three Rs: recast, repurpose, and reimagine.

Santa Cruz–based company Verve has three locations in the beachside city.
This is what the building looked like before Verve moved in. Fuse served as designers and builders of the project,...
Verve's Seabright location is just over 6,000 square feet that's divided into a storefront, office, training room,...
Here's a look at the counter.
The second-floor office overlooks the roastery below.
The lights hanging above the counter are repurposed chicken feeders turned upside down.
Fuse designed Verve's Pacific Avenue location concurrently and wanted to tie the two spaces together aesthetically.

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