Collection by Diana Budds

Coffee Break: Toby's Estate


Under-caffeinated Brooklynites have a new destination in Toby's Estate coffee, an Australian cafe import that opened in January. The company has been around since 1998 but for their first U.S. outpost they contacted New York firm nemaworkshop to design the space. "It was important that the cafe be a social space for the neighborhood," says nemaworkshop's Anurag Nema. Our last Coffee Break story, we focused on Coffee Bar, a cafe meant to be a stage for the craft of coffee. In a 180-degree flip, Toby's is designed to create a stage for community. "Over the last decade, cafes have been serving up more than cups of coffee to their patrons. They're meeting places, study rooms, extensions of our living rooms, a place we feel safe to harbor for a few hours while checking our email, or finishing the final scene in what will become our breakout playwright," continues Nema. With that in mind, have look at the space in our slideshow.

The cafe is located at 125 N 6th St in Brooklyn in what was once a market.
The brightly lit cafe boasts ample tables and seating for patrons to read, converse, or catch up on work.
Nemaworkshop has quite a few cafe projects under their belt.
The marble counter hots a line of single-drip coffee makers and a La Marzocco Strada espresso machine at the far end.
The cafe offers Australian style comfort food with small bites, including a selection of pastries, sandwiches and...
The roaster is a Probat Burns P25 imported from Germany.
In their Brew School, Toby's also offers free classes on how to evaluate and taste coffee, and workshops on espresso...
Here's another perspective of the 3,000-square-foot cafe and roastery.