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Coffee Break: Dwell's Guide to 7 Great Coffee Shops


In our series, Coffee Break, Dwell editors travel far and wide to cover some of the most well designed coffee shops in the land. Follow along on Dwell's caffeine fueled tour of seven great coffee shops.

The Third Wave Kiosk opened on the shores of Torquay, Australia, in 2011.
Here's the cafe space, which is set off to the side of the building.
The space was originally a 500-square-foot storage room with concrete floors and a high ceiling.
The cafe is located at 125 N 6th St in Brooklyn in what was once a market.
Local 123 and Flowerland is the East Bay's version of S.F.
Located in the Östermalm neighborhood of Stockholm, Cafe Foam channels "Spanish temperament with Scandinavian cool,"...
COFFEE BREAK: SAN FRANCISCO'S THE MILL Although we usually focus on completed projects, it is equally interesting to...
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