Collection by Diana Budds

Coffee Break: Cape Town’s Field Offices


In South Africa, Pedersen Lennard has crafted two cafes that showcase the design studio’s modern furniture and love of coffee.

Luke Pedersen and James Lennard debuted the first Field Office on Barrack Street in Cape Town.
Pedersen and Lennard crafted everything in the space, from the furniture to the bar counter to the cake stands and food...
Pedersen + Lennard built a custom display wall to show their wares, like the Bucket stools shown here.
Field Office has drawn a diverse crowd.
When the cafe first opened, coffee was served in vintage cups.
In 2012, Pedersen + Lennard opened a second Field Office in Cape Town's Woodstock Exchange, a new development, and...
Here's the cafe's front at 66 Albert Road in Woodstock. The studio's Fairlegs tables and benches outfit the space.