Collection by Diana Budds

Coffee Break: Albany's Local 123


San Francisco has its fair share of third-wave coffee so we jumped at the chance to visit one of the East Bay's newest offerings. On a pleasantly sleepy stretch of Solano Avenue, Berkeley-based Local 123 opened a cafe within Flowerland nursery. From a charming 1969 Airstream Streamline Princess trailer, proprietor Frieda Hoffman and her business partner Alex Ebel churn out lattes, macchiatos, single-drip cups of coffee, and more. And the setting—a verdant nursery—couldn't be more right. Hoffman's "perma-popup" is opposite of what we've come to expect from the many cafes that seem to be victims of their success. Instead of chaotic snaking lines of undercaffeinated denizens jonesin' for their morning fix, we were treated to a peaceful garden setting, and gladly traded the drone of indie rock for the chirp of birds. Local 123's menu features coffee from Four Barrel, vegan donuts from Pepples, and pastries from Starter Bakery. Have a look inside the cafe in our slideshow.

Local 123 and Flowerland is the East Bay's version of S.F. favorite Flora Grubb.
Local 123 serves coffee and pastries daily, and sandwiches on weekends.
The cafe is situated in Flowerland Nursery, which was first opened in the 1940s.
Before the 1969 Airstream was home to Local 123, it belonged to Oakland's Remedy Coffee.
Hoffman let us tour the interior. Here's the side door.
Once inside, Hoffman (right) and Ebel (left) make an espresso drink.
"Most of the existing brewing equipment was damaged or beyond repair, so we bought a Fetco Extractor for small-batch...
Some fine latte work by Ebel; the drink was excellent.
Cake stands sourced from local thrift shops display an array of cookies and sandwiches.
Here's some of the cafe's glassware emblazoned with their logo.
Local 123's creamer station rests atop an orange metal ironing board found at Berkeley's Urban Ore.
The nursery has continually been in operation since the 1940s and is peppered with vintage artifacts.
A diorama inside the nursery shop, which is prime for perusing.
Local 123 is open Wednesday through Monday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Tuesdays from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (though the...