Collection by Luke Hopping

Coastal Scandinavian Homes


Europe's northernmost nations aren't all frosty fjords and dark forests. These sunny waterfront retreats bring modern Nordic design to the beach.

Life for the couple centers on an open kitchen-dining-living area.
“We really love it here and we will never sell it, so this is a real once-in-a-lifetime place,” says Henrik.
After living on and studying a woodsy acre of land in North Zealand, Denmark, architect Jesper Brask cleared a stand of...
The small, angular guesthouse that architect Todd Saunders designed for Steinar Jørgensen is defined by a patio that...
The cabin's living room area opens up to the surroundings.
A Fermob table and chairs are on the rooftop terrace. “The weather is unpredictable, to say the least.
When Bjerre-Poulsen first saw the house, “I instantly saw all the interesting possibilities,” he says.