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Clifftop garden North Wales


A spectacular coastal garden near the town of Porthmadog in North Wales.

View of the 34 metre-long curved slate wall. Probably the feature element of the garden.
Diverse mixed boundary planting provides privacy.
Small pond built into the join of two slate walls, providing welcome visual and aural interest.
Box hedging has since matured. View back towards Portmeirion from the orangery.
Year-round interest and castal resilience informed the palette of planting used.
Steps were clad in riven sandstone for a rustic, soft finish, but provided a difficult material to work with due to...
Upcycled railway sleepers were drilled and fixed directly into the exposed shale bedrock.
Front entrance to house and steps is frames in low slate-clad walls and box hedging.
One of the gardens several granite sett-edged lawns. Except for the oak at the back, all planting in shpt is new.
An existing Welsh oak was retained and pruned.
The tapered end of one of the slate walls, this was 32 metres long.
The 8-metre cross-site slope was resolved using a series of local slate-clad retaining wall, set out and built in...
Contrasting pale pruple sandstone was used to clad the main steps. Recessed lighting in the low slate walls.
The house's spectacular position over the bay, facing back towards the town of Prthmadog and the Snowdonia mountain...