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Cleverly Stacked Floors Form a Roomy House On a Tight Lot


In London, Kirkwood McCarthy crafts a house where furniture workshops once stood.

In London’s Bethnal Green district, on a site that once housed furniture workshops, Kirkwood McCarthy created a three-story home that cleverly blends into its surroundings. Thanks to a cranked roofline, an upper level addition provides room for an ample master suite without blocking the neighbors’ access to daylight. Double-height windows bring light streaming into sunken living spaces. All of this is hidden behind a façade that harmonizes perfectly with the area’s terraced run. No longer a workshop, the home is now a jewel box.

Set in a conservation area, the home’s façade was designed to blend into the street’s terrace style.
From the rear courtyard, the house’s form becomes clear.
The kitchen is situated in a sunken basement, underneath the staircase’s walnuts steps.
The home’s living room is located on the lower level, opposite the kitchen.
Viewed from above, the lower level’s brick floors establish a sense of continuity between the living spaces and the...
The second floor mezzanine can be used as either a bedroom or a study.
The house’s stacked floors progress vertically from the communal basement, through the mixed-use mezzanine, to the...
On the uppermost level, long drawers coated in the same lacquer finish as the kitchen cabinetry make the most of the...
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