Collection by Zachary Edelson

Charred Wood Designs in Modern Homes


Charring is a simple and time-honored way to toughen the exterior of any wooden design. Called shou sugi ban in Japanese (when specifically referring to cedar) the process hardens the surface, protecting it against rain, rot, and insects. Too much burn weakens the wood but just enough leaves a beautiful, textured, coal-black sheen.

If good fences make good neighbors, then Shino and Ken Mori are the best neighbors ever.
A series of charred modern boxes, the home Petra Sattler-Smith and Klaus Mayer designed for Martin Buser and Kathy...
Kaz-ma holds up the charred post while the rest of the family attends to affairs at the sunken table.
The front door of this house in Scotland is built from charred cedar boards—a traditional way of fireproofing wood.
The striking black facade of Pieter Weijnen's home in IJburg, Amsterdam, is the result of the Japanese practice of...
Sculptor and painter Edward Crumpton, a childhood friend of Knight, helped the architects identify features and...

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