Collection by Arkin Tilt Architects

Chalk Bluff Cabin


This 872 square foot off-grid straw-bale home is a getaway in remote Nevada County for a San Francisco couple with two active young boys.

Located 3600 foot elevation, the house mediates the northern edge of a forest glade.
Solar hot water collectors provide domestic hot water as well as space heating by flowing the heated fluid first...
The entry/mudroom, bath and mechanical space are located in a wood-framed volume a half level up from the main living...
The simple straw-bale and earth-plaster walls contains a grand living space that opens to a south terrace.
Salvaged wood is used for siding and exposed structure throughout the space.
A sleeping loft is tucked above the kitchen and dining space.
Photovoltaic panels on the roof harvest electricity, stored in batteries, powering the well pump and other domestic...
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