Collection by Luke Hopping

Centuries-Old Buddhist Temples Seen Through a Modern Lens


Executed with a level of restraint and precision rarely seen outside the modern era, Kyoto's Zen Buddhist temples and gardens are as breathtaking today as they were a thousand years ago. In a new book, View, Kyoto, and gallery exhibit, Dutch visual artist and photographer Jacqueline Hassink painstakingly captures these spaces' architectural and spiritual serenity.

Funda-in (2008) - Honoring the meticulousness of the temples’ mostly unknown architects, Hassink photographed 34...
Rozan-ji (2008) - Once the cultural and political capital of Japan, Kyoto is home to some 1,600 temples, each with its...
Shōden-ji (2004) - Precursors to what we might today call “user-centered design,” Buddhist temples are scaled to the...
Hōsen-in (2011) - The absence of windows frames the gardens as a natural extension of the meditation space.
Eikan-dō (2009) - Views, Kyoto will be released March 24 via Hatje Cantz.

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