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Castle & Drury


With all protected buildings careful consideration has to be applied; we wanted to retain the existing beautiful features of the interior whilst creating a smaller, more exclusive and intimate shop area. The new menswear shop, for a young and passionate independent trader, required a much small space than the given premises in order to minimize cost. We segmented the space by means similar to a Georgian room-divider, traditionally used to get change behind, comprised of a 2m high sand and cement rendered partition, with custom-made mounted clothes rails that undulate at different levels to facilitate and showcase an array of clothing and reflective chrome/ mirror aluminum that runs along the bottom allowing light to further bounce around the bright front area. In juxtaposition, through the new arch, the back changing and storage area is painted black making it snug and secluded. The layout is devised to be ultra-flexible for the shop owner resulting in a very diverse space.