Collection by

Casa Uliva


Renovating spaces is an important activity of interior design and allows architecture to extend its use in a dignified and functional way. In the project for this house one of the most important objectives was to incorporate the exhibition family´s art collection into a contemporary atmosphere.

Some areas, like the kitchen and main bedroom, were expanded. A new landscape was done for the garden and the new project included pool, lighting and relaxing areas. The most important changes for the interior were new furniture and lighting design, which together with the finishes and the woodwork, achieved a neutral palette with color accents to intensify the light and spaciousness of the areas.

For the design of the bedrooms all the needs and preferences of family members who were going to use them were considered. Beside the main function of the space all the necessary elements to enjoy their taste, hobbies and everyday activities were included. Each bedroom has a different and personal style in the distribution as well as the color palette and furniture, without losing the whole house design concept.