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Casa Begalg


This project reflects the client in every detail: a young family whose main feature is a very happy and solid family core. The project proposed a complete renovation that was combined with a very attractive combination of finishes and a radiant color palette. The tastes and personality of each family member were expressed in every area of the house and especially in the bedrooms where an intense team work was done to achieve the perfect result.

The floors and walls are in an uninterrupted dialogue through all the space. The dynamism of the lines and the color and texture accents result in an ambiance that describes entirely its inhabitants. The selection of furniture and accessories was also done very carefully combining retail furniture with specially design and produced pieces to match the activities and rooms.

DIN interiorismo´s extensive experience in residential interior design allowed them to develop, for these clients, a very rich proposal in every aspect that is also very flexible, because a home is as alive as the people who live in it and has to be able to transform with them as time goes by. For the design of the bedrooms the clients focused in working with the interior designers, designers and creative members of the firm to bring their dreams to reality into small intimate worlds ideal for enjoying and resting.

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