Collection by Laura C. Mallonee

Cantilevered Playroom Defines This Family-Friendly Sydney House


A cantilevered rec room is central to this family home in Sydney by Australian architects Bennett and Trimble.

It’s common for young parents to find their homes suddenly overtaken by toys. Marcus Trimble and Matthew Bennett developed a creative solution to the problem when asked to design a two-story residence for a couple with three small children in the suburban Sydney neighborhood of Riverview. The architects suspended a rectangular playroom over the main living and dining areas that reigns in the army of dolls and Legos while still keeping the kids within earshot. “My favorite thing about the house is seeing the way the children use the playroom, and the way they communicate with each other and their parents across the courtyard and between the spaces,” Trimble says. This unique feature, coupled with the house’s strong connection to the outdoors, contributes to an open family home that feels remarkably relaxed.

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