Collection by Luke Hopping

Cantilevered Homes in Extreme Locations


These houses maneuver around tough terrain with gravity-defying cantilevers.

The home’s geometric silhouette echoes the classic typology of the region’s gable roof barns.
A cantilevered cabin designed by R D Gentzler blends into the forest, even as it hovers above a 20-foot drop-off.
Set amongst the Washington woods, architect Peter Anderson explains that “the floating nature of the design would not...
Perched over a cliff face, the hooded deck of the Gambier Residence reads like a ship’s prow over Howe Sound, the...
The house cantilevers out over the landscape for unimpeded views.
Large gum trees offer a natural barrier for the house.
Nicknamed the Floating Farmhouse, this 200-year-old home inspired one former copywriter to delve into architecture as a...

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