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Two Tiny Cabins Chose Simplicity Over Size
Two modest cabins in coastal New Zealand make waves with their respectful approach toward their environment.
10 Modern Gardens That Freshen Up Traditional Homes
Even if you're working with a home that's more traditional that you'd like, there's still ways to modernize it without going...
The Andersen Architectural Collection’s Eagle windows and doors provide the panes and passageways of the home.
The bed area in the Maisie structure, which is located in the New York area.
The Simple Cabin: When I was a kid I used to draw houses as a rectangle with a door, one window and a triangle roof on...
The Lakesider: Pennsylvania's historic Route 6 peacefully winds its way along the upper half of the state.
The Silver Moon: I came across this cabin on Lake Crescent called Silver Moon.
Fall Foliage Dream: I'm convinced there's no better fall foliage on earth than in the Catskills.
Shedded Bliss
A prefabricated shed sited on a Finnish island provides a perfect summer getaway.
The kitchen and dining room enjoy panoramic mountain views.
Studio North participants need no prior building experience.
This Light-Filled Cabin in the Netherlands Is Completely Made by Hand
Zecc Architects and Roel van Norel show just what can happen when great minds work together.
The house's open plan is neatly divided into public and private spaces, with the front containing the kitchen and...
The house's ceiling was hewn from Douglas fir, which gives off a warm glow.
The Big Reveal: An Interior Designer Unveils Her “No Ordinary Kitchen” Makeover
In partnership with Signature Kitchen Suite, designer Amber Lewis trades her old-school country kitchen for sleek, Scandinavian...
Beauty and Brains: Building Sustainably With Redwood
The return of summer barbecues and back porch hangouts means that outdoor living spaces are again enjoying heavy foot traffic.
Simplicity with white walls, black steel balustrade and oak timber floors...
Interior stairs serve as a thermal chimney and light well, providing ventilation as well as illumination at all levels.
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