Calderwood Clinic


Our two main aims of this project were to firstly create optimal light within the GP Surgery despite it's problematic location and secondly to try to alleviate some of the dread associated with doctors visits; these obstacles actually became the greatest attributes towards the finished design.

The premises, previously a convenient store, is completely unrecognizable beyond the simple facade. In order to re-imagine a typical clinical typology we eliminated corridors from the plan and orientated the 3 doctors offices around a central circular waiting room, similar to that of the Palladian Villa Rotonda. There is a dropped dome ceiling in the centre of the room with a Therapeutic/ Happy light above that mimics sunlight and illuminates the entire space, underneath there is play area for children and the comfortable seating surrounds so the parents can observe.

The bright calming atmosphere makes for both a functional and inviting environment for the staff and visitors alike!

Play area for children
Reception off the waiting room
Seating in waiting room
Doctors Room
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