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This Tree House For Rent Near Downtown Portland Doubles As an Art Platform
Nestled in the heavily forested West Hills in Portland, Oregon, the Wald House PDX is a wood-paneled escape that can be booked...
Snow buries scrub oak trees in front of the home's west elevation.
This Company Can Design, Build, and Deliver a Sustainable Prefab in Just 12 Weeks
Explore Ecospace Studio's modular buildings that serve a variety of valuable purposes.
The Younger family vacation home is a semi-modular structure made of wood, steel, glass, and precast concrete.
The dwelling’s concrete slab meets a New Zealand pine deck at the custom steel entrance door.
The concrete plinth supports the planters and deck while concealing a foundation of concrete pylons.
Modular corrugated steel protects the house against year-round rain.
Entering through the front door leads you to an inglenook, where Lynch installed a fireplace and a custom built-in...
Modern Weekend Ski Home
A modernist cabin in British Columbian ski country is the perfect retreat for a family of outdoor adventurers.
Off-the-Grid Island House in New Zealand Connects with the Outdoors
A remote beachside cottage evokes the spirit of camping trips.
Out of the Valley Cabin
A perfect destination for visitors to Devon, England who love the environment and seek serene, natural surroundings, as well as...
Learn How to Connect with Nature from This Off-the-Grid Prefab
A prefabricated off-the-grid vacation home in eastern Washington is one with the land.