Collection by Gwendolyn Sands


A large kitchen island makes up for the lack of upper cabinet space and separates the kitchen from the living room.
This Japanese-Style Box Home Boasts a Two-Story Bookcase
A couple creates a striking modern home designed around an ancient Japanese principle.
Ab Rogers dons a bold suit that suits the spirit of the accompanying decor he designed.
For the southeast-facing facade, which is concealed from street traffic, Tehrani opted for transparency, repositioning...
Pesce works with resin much in the way a glassblower works with his molten material.
The residents now occupy two floors of the same West Village apartment where the previously lived below.
The cabins are made up of two layers of wood construction.
A spiraling staircase connects the home's three levels and leads into the foyer.
Wood WorksFaced with the challenge of a diminutive New York apartment in desperate need of a refresh, architect Tim...
In his studio, Priatman blew up an aerial photograph of Surabaya, where he is based, to map his current architectural...
A larch stairway leads to the bedrooms and bathrooms.
The stairs can be made to span multiple levels, and are highly customizable in terms of material choice.
The School of Dance designed by Porro.
What the original building lacked in period detailing, it made up for with massive interior spaces, natural light, and...
The house may appear conventional at a glance, but a closer look shows how Oostenbruggen has pushed the boundaries of...

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