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Strata Bench for Landscape...
“We talked a lot about the idea of being on a campsite.
NOEM, a Barcelona-based architecture firm, created a metal-clad house for a young client just outside Madrid.
For 2015, Vipp, the Danish industrial design company known for its iconic trash cans and all-black kitchens, introduces...
Have You Ever Wanted to Stay in a Norwegian Sea Cabin?
Adventure calls on this Norwegian island that hosts cantilevered glass cabins and endless possibilities for the explorer at heart.
Estate Bungalow in Matugama, Sri Lanka, by Narein Perera as published in Cabins (Taschen, 2014).
When they are eventually integrated into the parks, the cabins are meant to stand in groups of ten to 15.
The house may appear conventional at a glance, but a closer look shows how Oostenbruggen has pushed the boundaries of...
A shed provides storage for the owners’ tools as well as wood for the fireplace.
Norwegian architect Marianne Borge.
The house's ceiling was hewn from Douglas fir, which gives off a warm glow.
Subtle features incorporated into the design, including an elevated terrace and jetty, help the home float above the...
Deep eaves prevent the entrance from being buried in snow.
The House for a Musher is all about taking advantage of its hilltop site.
Large sliding glass doors allow daylight to fill the living room.
Johnsen oriented the building vertically to minimize the amount of grading and landscaping necessary for construction.