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Johnsen oriented the building vertically to minimize the amount of grading and landscaping necessary for construction.
Amidst the brown natural tones of the surrounding cabins, this orange-red exterior pops.
The house's ceiling was hewn from Douglas fir, which gives off a warm glow.
Rocks that were unearthed while digging the foundation make up the hardscape in the rear, beyond the open porch.
The diagonal redwood slats and geometric structure are wonderfully accentuated by the snow bank covering the backside...
superrkül dubbed this project the Stealth Cabin because it's hidden in the landscape and will continue to recede in...
“Their lives revolve around ocean activities, reading, music, and good food and wine,” Jones says of the owners.
The house is divided into three sections connected by a series of outdoor galleries.
Two smaller, adjacent structures house autonomous bedrooms, each equipped with a full bathroom.
“They wanted the new cabin to make a ‘L’ shape with the older cabin, but I convinced them to mimic the old cabin on the...
Large windows make the forest a constant presence indoors. A wood walkway runs along the perimeter of the house.
The site needed a path that would let residents easily ascend from the bank to the house.