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“Le nuage,” a cloud-shaped structure built from plywood, plexiglas, glass fiber and reinforced plastic, offers a...
This towering, owl-shaped wooden structure is called "les guetteurs" (watchman).
Two Tiny Cabins Chose Simplicity Over Size
Two modest cabins in coastal New Zealand make waves with their respectful approach toward their environment.
On a sloping site near a defunct rock quarry on the remote lobster-fishing island of Vinalhaven, Maine, a three-part...
Anka Lamprecht and Lukas Wezel shared their rustic domicile in a valley in Grotli, Norway.
The 1,500-square-foot cabin merges traditional and modern, and the couple's mutual desire to balance comfort with the...
Though the retreat is clearly meant to afford the solitude writing so often requires, Kathleen reports that "it's very...
The hideaway grows darker as residents move through the space toward the bedroom.
The structures were designed by Cal State Polytechnic University, Pomona, students.
The entrance is immediately flanked on its left by a mudroom for hiking gear and the bathroom.
The 1950s desk in the office is from the original house; the chair is by Aksel, a Norwegian furniture company.
The site needed a path that would let residents easily ascend from the bank to the house.
The house is divided into three sections connected by a series of outdoor galleries.
“There had been two or three primitive cabins on the property in the past, which resulted in a clearing that we...
Philip Jodidio's Cabins (Taschen, November 2014) chronicles how architects have explored the concept of a minimal,...
Kartheiser's courtyard also includes a dry sauna with a ceiling made from 2,500 pieces of wood.
Roberts found the Montauk black slate, which he continued in a second bath.
The living room's double height makes the space seem larger that its actual size.