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Before and After: An Outdated 80s Loft Is Rescued From a Flashy Color Palette
A Brooklyn–based firm reimagines every inch of this 3,100-square-foot space, infusing an "un-fussy" aesthetic throughout.
Floor-to-ceiling windows unveil a view of the stunning exterior scenery.
Tv + media hidden...
A playful wood screen greets visitors at the front entry, as well as providing support for a cushioned bench seat.
Custom platform bed by Christian Woo lies perfectly beneath the bedroom windows.
Dining are with custom table and millwork by Christian Woo.
The cabin’s undulating curves are fixed by a prefabricated, laminated wood structure with a subdivision of Kerto...
To enlarge the bathroom, they integrated the closet space into the new bathroom, and thus had to create new storage.
A thin floating staircase rises to the second floor almost weightlessly.
The master bedroom interior is finished with cherry wood.