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While the space is heavily insulated, with strong solar gain, a cast-iron stove from Salamander Stoves provides extra...
A neutral palette for furniture keeps the interior feeling light and sun-drenched.
Bookmatched wood veneer cabinetry brings a warm, tactile feel to the interiors.
The roof is the only solid element.
At night, the home glows like a glass jewel box.
A large porch projects out from the main building.
Cloaked House, as 3r Ernesto Pereira named it, blends into its hillside location.
The plan of the Cloaked House.
A axonometric of the project shoes its long, rectangular form with cut-outs to preserve existing trees.
Existing trees poke through the large patio.
The home has sliding doors with thick wood frames.
A custom kitchen with a cantilevered countertop mimics the way the house is perched on a hillside, seeming to defy...
Overlooking the Snake River is a perfect way to experience the stunning local scenery.
Sliding doors open to a deck offering unmatched views of the local landscape.
Fireside is just minutes from the Grand Teton National Park and local ski slopes.
The Wedge model offers a private deck with small propane grill and picnic table.
This yoga studio in Sussex combines indoor spaces with outdoor pavilions that connect with outdoors for a peaceful...
An Ecospace with a dual-pitched roof, this gym in England’s Peak District has a sloping roof, skylights that brighten...