Collection by Aileen Kwun

Brilliant Skylights We Love


Modern skylights bring each of these sun-filled homes to new heights.

Because the residents wanted lighting “to fade away,” the home makes the most of natural light and minimizes fixtures.
Hynam designed and built the cabinets under the stairs and a drawer that slides out from beneath the bottom step.
This living room is lit by three protruding skylights angled to catch morning and afternoon light.
In the kitchen of a renovated Itallian farmhouse, a minimalist color scheme of white cabients and a black slate floor...
Contreras opted for quality over quantity, sparsely decorating the room leading out to the backyard with a 1950s Thaden...
Eddy Uritani (or Uncle Eddy, as he’s known to Zane) did all the tile work in the kitchen and bathroom.
In the living room, a double-height window and a skylight work together to frame a view of the Victorian Gothic church...
To achieve a level of comfort on a plot wedged between virtually identical prefab houses, the architects brought in a...