Collection by Marianne Colahan

Bright Flora and Fauna Prints by Mark McGinnis


Brooklyn–based designer and illustrator Mark McGinnis has created an exclusive collection of framed prints for the Dwell Store. Called the Menagerie Collection, the series captures flora and fauna in soft, yet vibrant colors. Explore six of the prints here, and be sure to check out the rest of the collection at the Dwell Store.

Although compositionally simple, each print is comprised of several parts.
Mark McGinnis’s Menagerie Collection, including this Blue Elephant print, is designed to complement a variety of...
An example of the flora in McGinnis’s collection, this Yellow Leaf print features a strong goldenrod hue.
One of McGinnis’s favorites in the series, this Pink Bird is defined by its charcoal-drawn feathers and crest.
Rendered in a soft blue, this Blue Fern print features intricate charcoal line work.
Complete with whiskers and a bushy tail, the Orange Fox can be hung on its own or coordinated with other prints in the...
This Red Snake is defined by its detailed vertebrae and double S-shaped form.