Collection by Jaime Gillin

Bridging Old & New in Indonesia


The specter of one's grown child moving back home doesn't excite all parents, but in Surakarta, in the Central Java Province of Indonesia, one couple took the homecoming as an opportunity to double their existing house. Thanks to the thoughtful work by architect Arie Wibowo, the original 1,100-square-foot Dutch colonial (now housing their son) has a slick new appendage: a 1,300-square-foot modern addition with a master bedroom and private living room for the parents. The two buildings are connected by a bridge and a breezeway that also acts as a carport where the father—a motorbike enthusiast and racer—parks his bikes. Photos by Deny Wibowo and Pandji Vasco.

A view from the garden, looking toward the house.
A frontal view of the existing colonial house; from the street there's no indication of the modern addition.
Another peek from the garden, through the trees.
A bridge now connects the two wings of the house, old and new.
A wider view of the bridge that "will strengthen the floating concept of this house," according to Wibowo.
A view from the new breezeway, revealing part of the living room and the unfinished wood on the floating stair.
The new living room has an exposed concrete wall and teak wood and granite tile on the floor.
The bathroom is finished with a custom-made natural white and black marble mosaic.
There's a floating terrace outside the new master bedroom.
The master bedroom has a similar palette as the living room.
The walk-in closet is covered in mirrors, to make the space less claustrophobic.
A glimpse at the construction of the 'floating...