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Breathtaking Tones of Blue


Between rich indigos of the night to crisp blue lakes, these sites are as equally stunning as the homes.

The Floating Farmhouse’s semitransparent addition has a roofline that matches the pitch of the original 1820s farmhouse.
A covered fireplace and sitting area anchor the deck, which overlooks the water.
Canvas Butterfly chairs on the outside porch offer a place to chat into the late night hours.
At night, the interior lighting casts the geometric window framing in silhouette.
The Floating Pool is a seven-lane, 25-meter pool with translucent murals, showers, a spray pool and a terrace.
Outdoor lounge chairs by Richard Schultz sit on brick floors. The pool’s changing pavilion features a full bathroom.
Figure Eight...
As jellyfish making swimming in the ocean dangerous in Australian summer (and because some people just don't prefer...
Nimbus is meant to evoke the sky before a thunder storm: a mixing of dark and light with wide, hazy clouds.
Sky high. Melbourne.
On the roof, Geller takes in the night sky with his telescope.
Here, one of El Cosmico's three teepees is a lantern for desert travelers.
The house is just beyond the dunes at Diamond Beach, yet could not be built up to capture an ocean view, prompting Blue...
Lissoni's blue room, installed at Porro on Via Durini, seemed appropriately melancholy.
"Le Japon installation by architect Tadao Ando at Le Bon...