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In the dining area, a custom wine rack doubles as a partition for the open plan.
Furniture groupings and bright, dramatic accents—like the sapphire banana-fiber rug by Kamy Maison in the main living...
Overlooking a Niemeyer Masterpiece, This Flat is Filled with Brazilian Modern Gems
A São Paulo aerie showcases a collection of Brazilian modern classics—with a priceless vista to match.
October 2016, Vol.16 Issue...
Danielle Arm Chair - by Aristeu...
Laura Chair - by Aristeu...
Duda Chair and Amsterdam Table - by Aristeu...
Brazilian designer Aristeu...
Laura (left) and Duda (right) both designed by Brazilian designer Aristeu Pires.
Why Brazilian Modernist Lina Bo Bardi Is "Among the Most Important Architects of the 20th Century"
The author of Lina Bo Bardi peels back the layers of the influential architect's work.
Ylla bench by Brazilian designer Aristeu Pires was inspired on a indigenous Brazilian canoe. Available at sossegodesign.
Duda stools by Brazilian designer Aristeu Pires feature a defining swoosh that provides beauty and comfort.
Gisele lounge chair by Brazilian designer Aristeu Pires in a modern beach home in Florianopolis, Brazil.