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Boston Apt.

Dufner also designed the bed, which features storage panels under the mattress.
Bartlett’s bedroom is in a ground-floor addition that was built onto the back of the building about 50 years ago.
Donut sits on a custom bed made by craftsman Pete Deeble.
Competition: Backyard Tiny...
When not in use as the headboard, the large redwood slab folds down to become a desk.
The bed was designed to hang from the ceiling and can be hoisted up and pulled down as needed.
The table’s base, which itself is an additional storage container, rolls easily into place to support the surface.
Hide and Eat
In Manhattan, where space is the ultimate luxury, a clever design workaround makes a dining table disappear after supper.
The bunk bed, the Lollipop IN model from Resource Furniture, stows away flush to the wall when not in use.
All it takes is gentle downward pressure to lower the desk to the floor, bringing the kid-size mattress into position...
Inspired by skateboards, the swing seats are made of European oak.
The ceiling is 15 feet high in the bedroom, where a photograph from the set of the movie Giant, which was filmed in...
For the small yet open living space, Silvia included a sofa bed from, which can be easily pulled out for...
Deliberately create a focal point in your space. Keep in mind that a little symmetry never hurts either.
Go big and bold with large-scale art.
Flexible furniture solutions make small space living easier.